CompareMaine Trends Over Time

Use this interactive dashboard to learn more about how average total costs reported on CompareMaine have changed over time. You can select Facility Name to view all facilities in Maine or select an individual facility; by selecting Insurance Company you can view all commercial payers in Maine or select an individual company; the Category and Sub-Category can be used to select a healthcare procedure category and view all its sub-categories or select an individual sub-category; and finally you can use the Procedure selection to view all the sub-category’s procedures or select an individual procedure, listed by name and CPT Code.

When you’ve made your choices, the dashboard displays a graph to show the change in average cost over time. You can hover over each of the graph’s data points for detailed information, including: Procedure name, average total cost, data collection date, and the CompareMaine release version that first displayed data for that time period. If you’ve selected your criteria, but no graph appears, then there is no reportable data for that combination of procedure, facility, and insurer.

If you want to view a Trend Over Time graph for another procedure in a different category, you need to set both the procedure drop-down menu and the sub-category drop-down menu to “All” before switching to a new Category or Sub-Category.