Pines Health Services

  • PO Box 40, Caribou, ME 04736

Kimball Community Health Center (Pines Health Services) 11 Harmony Lane Fort Fairfield, ME 04742-3354 (207) 472-0590

Pines Caribou Health Center (Pines Health Services) 74 Access Highway Caribou, ME 04736-3807 (207) 498-2356

Presque Isle Health Center (Pines Health Services) 66 Spruce Street, Suite B Presque Isle, ME 04769-3243 (207) 769-2025

St. John Valley Health Center (Pines Health Services) 4 Main Street Van Buren, ME 04785-1009 (207) 868-2796

Washburn Health Center (Pines Health Services) 1260 Main Street Washburn, ME 04786-0032 (207) 455-4750

Women and Children's Center (Pines Health Services) 163 Van Buren Road, Suite 4 Caribou, ME 04736-3567 (207) 498-6921


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