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CompareMaine shows the average cost of common healthcare procedures at different facilities in Maine. The average cost represented on this website is the average amount paid by an insurance company, including the members' cost share, to a facility and/or provider for a healthcare service. The average cost does not represent what an individual will pay for the procedure, as that cost varies based on individual circumstances.

You can also see prescription drug costs, trends in health care costs over time, patient experience ratings and how Maine hospitals compare on patient safety. The cost and quality of healthcare varies among providers, and you may have a choice in where you receive care. Get started

MHDO makes every effort to provide accurate information on CompareMaine. Healthcare providers and insurance companies included on this website are sent the cost data to review for accuracy before it is published.

The Maine Health Data Organization, in collaboration with the Maine Quality Forum, is required by Maine State law to promote the transparency of healthcare cost and quality information via a publicly accessible website.

Updates to CompareMaine

February 2022 - The cost and quality data have been updated to reflect the most current data available. The average costs for 30 new procedures were added. Learn more about the updates

How do I use this site if I have health insurance?

If you have health insurance, you can use CompareMaine to understand the average cost of a healthcare procedure, but you’ll need to contact your insurance company to determine your specific out-of-pocket expenses and if there are any provider network limitations.

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What if I don't have health insurance?

CompareMaine does not include information on the costs for the uninsured, but you can use this site as a reference for the average costs. Please contact the facility that you are most interested in for what you may be asked to pay.