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The Maine Health Data Organization, in collaboration with the Maine Quality Forum, is required by law to promote the transparency of healthcare cost and quality information via a publicly accessible website. The cost and quality of healthcare procedures can vary widely among providers. You have a choice in where you receive care. CompareMaine shows the average cost of common healthcare procedures at different facilities in Maine. You can also see patient experience ratings and how Maine hospitals compare on patient safety.

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how do I use this site if I have health insurance?

If you have health insurance, you can use CompareMaine to get an average cost of a healthcare procedure, but you'll need to contact your insurance company to determine your specific out-of-pocket expenses.

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what if I don't have health insurance?

The Affordable Care Act requires providers to charge uninsured individuals the average cost they have negotiated with their top insurance plans. So, if you don't have health insurance, you can use CompareMaine to get an estimate of what you will pay out-of-pocket for healthcare procedures at facilities across Maine.